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Gasoline Engine Emissions Analysis and OBD

Provided by Bosch

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This course is for technicians who carry out gasoline emissions testing or utilise gas readings in the analysis of engine running faults. The aim is to provide delegates with the skills and knowledge required to identify emissions related problems and make effective use of emissions test data for engine management system diagnosis. Identification of faults using tail-pipe gas indications requires a thorough understanding of the gasses involved and the related ECU controls.

Techniques covered include testing of the system via analysis of the exhaust gasses using emissions test equipment, alongside oscilloscope testing of the oxygen sensors and interrogation of the onboard self-diagnosis system.

This course is delivered by Bosch and upon successful completion qualifies for IMI Awards Quality Assured Programme (QAP) certification.

Who is the course for?

Vehicle technicians with a sound knowledge of spark ignition engine management diagnostics, are familiar with the use of a typical 4-gas analyser and proficient in the operation of an oscilloscope and a diagnostic tester.


What will I get out of it?

You will be able to:

- Distinguish the fault indications made by each of the individual exhaust gasses.

- Understand how to use gas readings to aid the pinpointing of engine running faults.

- Carry out diagnostic test routines to enable the correlation and assessment of exhaust gas values with diagnostic port information.

- Utilise all available OBD diagnostic modes for the evaluation of vehicle faults.



CPD Credit Value        17

Course Format            Classroom/workshop

Course Duration          2 days

Venue                          STC Uxbridge / regional centre

Dates listed subject to change.

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