Advancing the Sale

Provided by Nelson Croom


Many professionals are uncomfortable with the idea of selling. As a result they fail to explore the needs of their clients fully and propose solutions too early. This undermines their professional relationship and alienates their clients. ‘Advancing the Sale’ places the customer at the heart of the process. It shows how, by focusing on the client and moving at a speed they are comfortable with, you can persuade them to accept your professional advice by involving them more in creating the solution to their needs.

It provides the tools to help you to help them through each stage of the buying process, first creating interest and awareness of a need, then getting them excited, convincing them of the merits of a solution and closing on a new course of action.

Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for anybody involved in developing long-term relationships with clients.


What will I get out of it?

You will be able to:

- Focus on the customer to understand their needs.

- Earn the right to advance the sales discussion by being sensitive to the pace customers are happy to move at.

- Create compelling ‘intelligent stories’ that will engage a potential customer’s interest.

- Uncover the customer’s needs by using open, closed and intelligent questions.

- Develop the customer’s sense of need by identifying, widening and bridging the gap between their current position and where they would like to be.

- Focus the customer’s interest by involving them in devising and exploring options.

- Close in a natural way that leaves the customer feeling positive about the sale.



CPD Credit Value        5

Course Format            E-learning

Course Duration          4 hours



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