Member Events

IMI offers a range of events for IMI members. You'll find local events, Member Assemblies and Technical events below.

Member Associations (MA)


MA events are arranged by our network of volunteers in local areas, to assist IMI members in keeping pace with the demands of new technology and to remain competitive in a global market. These events are free for IMI members.

Representative Member Assemblies (RMA)


Held twice a year, RMA’s are both a platform for feedback and an opportunity for IMI members to gain knowledge to maximise business opportunities and continuing professional development (CPD). These events are free for IMI members to attend.

Technical Seminars


A series of one-day seminars focusing on technological advances in the automotive industry, these seminars are open to current and prospective IMI members.

By attending this event you’ll automatically achieve IMI Membership at Affiliate level for one year and be recognised as a professional within your field of expertise.