My Membership benefits

Here you’ll find details of the benefits of IMI Membership and how you can access the products and support services available to you as a member. If you need more information or have any queries, please get in touch. To access these benefits, you’ll need to log into your IMI account.

Professional Recognition


Don't forget to use your post-nominal letters after your name and to display your membership certificate and card, to demonstrate that you’re qualified, experienced, committed to ethical conduct and are a professional within your field of expertise.

Professional Registration


The IMI Professional Register makes sure consumers are in skilled, competent and trustworthy hands, and includes IMI members at Licentiate grade and above.

As an IMI member on the Register, you are required to keep your skills and knowledge up to date through CPD.

Learn more about CPD and the Professional Register »

Professional Development


Member discounts


UK membership subscriptions may be allowed as deductable expenses for Income Tax purposes. Visit for details.

Professional Support

  • Legal helpline
    Details of how to access your 45 minutes of free legal guidance, plus 15% discount on further consultations.