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GCSE Results Day #MotorCareers

Congratulations on getting your GCSE results! The motor industry is filled with opportunities for young people. It’s a high-tech industry where you can build a strong, well paid career in both technical and non-technical roles.

So many opportunities

There are over 150 job roles in the motor industry working in offices, workshops, showrooms, receptions, test bays, on tracks and on the road working with cars, bikes, trucks and in motorsport.

To find out more about the different job roles from people actually working in the industry, click here for the World of Work, where you will also find information on entry routes, the skills required and salary information.

Apply for an apprenticeship

Where can you apply for an apprenticeship? You can find apprenticeship vacancies listed here. You will also find the links for the career & employer career websites too.


Join us on Twitter and search for #MotorCareers to find out more about careers in the motor industry.

Why choose an apprenticeship?

As an Apprentice you’ll train in top class colleges or training providers and in high-tech facilities. Qualified motor industry experts can earn more than the average salary, £25-35K in most cases.

Also, there’s an added advantage of earning while you learn in a well paid, high-tech industry without the worry of building up debt through University.

11,000 apprenticeships started in the motor industry in 2013 and there are lots of opportunities to choose from including: technical, management, IT, sales and finance positions. With over 150 roles in the industry where will your career take you?