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Dr Paul Spear

Tel: +44 (0) 1992 511521

Paul has wide experience in the measurement and analysis of the impact and return on investment (ROI) from training and development, bringing a unique perspective to the discipline with over 20 years in physics research, business analytics and education management.  He was the ideal choice to head the IMI ROI Programme - funded (2012/14) by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills - making and winning the economic argument for investing in skills. Paul now manages IMI’s Analytical ROI consultancy helping business gain high quality insight from isolating the bottom-line impact of training performance on productivity, efficiency and the customer experience.

ROI in practice


IMI developed unique Predictive Analytics for automotive training with field studies funded by UKCES

  • IMI Annual Report 2014 & ROI Project Outcomes-pdf(980.35KB)
  • IMI Apprenticeship ROI-pdf(933.81KB)
  • IMI Policy Drive 9th - 20th July 2018-pdf(559.26KB)
  • IMI Policy Drive 23rd July - 10th August 2018-pdf(539.99KB)
  • IMI Policy Drive 13th - 24th August 2018-pdf(535.64KB)
  • IMI Policy Drive 27th August - 14th September 2018-pdf(855.48KB)
  • IMI Policy Drive 17th - 28th September 2018-pdf(895.89KB)
  • IMI Policy Drive 1st-14th October 2018-pdf(917.75KB)
  • IMI Policy Drive 15th-28th October 2018-pdf(1.03MB)
  • IMI Policy Drive 29th October - 11th November 2018-pdf(1.07MB)
  • IMI Policy Drive 12th - 25th November 2018-pdf(903.14KB)
  • IMI Policy Drive 26th November - 9th December 2018-pdf(1.05MB)
  • IMI Policy Drive 10th December 2018 - 6th January 2019-pdf(1.02MB)
  • IMI Policy Drive 7th - 20th January 2019-pdf(1.08MB)
  • IMI Policy Drive 21st January - 3rd February 2019-pdf(1.41MB)