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DVSA are changing the way that individuals achieve MOT Tester or Manager approval. IMI is the one-stop-shop for all your MOT needs.

IMI Membership

IMI Membership
07 Dec

in Sussex

Jeremy Clarkson once famously said "For God's sake, Jaguar, stop making......

07 Dec

in Yorkshire Region MA

Rotronics is the UK’s leading expert in battery management and......

07 Dec

in Suffolk MA

Classic vehicle restoration is now very much part of a speacialist......

07 Dec

in North London MA

The Engine Decontamination Machine has been manufactured in the USA and......

MPs back IMI call for simplified process of apprenticeship creation

published on December 5 2016

The Public Accounts Committee of the House of Commons (PAC) has recommended that the Government adopt a much simpler approach to the setting up of the new apprenticeship Standards.

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