Raise standards and public confidence

While progress has been made on improving the image of the industry in the public’s eye, there is still much work to be done. There is still a pervading image of 'rogue traders' and of 'going in to battle' whenever you walk in to an automotive business.

For public perception and confidence in our industry to continue to rise, we must ensure individuals working within it are trained and skilled to the highest levels, and that we can ensure the quality of the outcomes.

As the professional body for the industry, the IMI continues its efforts to raise the professional standards of those working in the industry; through the provision of skills development solutions such as training and qualifications. But key to all of this is the ability to recognise and promote the professionals that meet those standards, thereby providing consumers with the information on which they can base their purchase or repair decisions.

Professional Registration

Recognising and promoting IMI members and particularly those that have met the requirements for professional registration is essential to driving a positive consumer message about automotive professionals. Membership of the IMI can be achieved through a variety of entry routes which measures skills, experience, knowledge and competence.

Professional registration is for IMI members who have met additional requirements and are then added to the publically searchable Professional Register. Individuals on the Professional Register have:

  1. Proven that they have relevant qualifications and competences (minimum of Level 2) that are recognised by an independent body;
  2. Committed to maintaining their knowledge and skills through ongoing continuous professional development (CPD), and;
  3. Committed to working ethically and in the best interests of their customers via an industry-led set of Professional Standards.

Many IMI members on the Professional Register have attained their status by achieving an Accreditation which is designed for assessing experienced staff in the industry. The requirement to re-accredit every three years ensures knowledge and skills are kept up to date.

For those wanting to enter the industry from compulsory or further education, an Apprenticeship is still the preferred route for employers. It’s true that differing requirements across the four nations of the UK add a level of complexity, but we are confident the IMI can ensure that wherever in the UK a young person embarks on their career, they can be guaranteed an Apprenticeship exists for them that is employer-led and relevant to current skills demands.

We will continue to provide a wide range of skills development solutions, leading to Professional Registration, ranging from Apprenticeships to Accreditation, to full qualifications; and that we ensure these remain up-to-date and industry-relevant.

How we will create change:


We will work with employers to ensure our skills development solutions are up-to-date, relevant and consistent with the needs of the industry. We want you to look at the IMI’s workforce development solutions and enrol as many employees as possible on the most appropriate programmes to develop and maintain their competency.

Education Providers

We will work with education providers to ensure they have access to as wide a range of skills development solutions as possible and that we provide timely and accurate advice and guidance on how to access and deliver these. We want you to work with the IMI’s workforce development solutions, as the solution of choice for the automotive sector

Providers of Careers Information

We will work with providers of careers information, advice and guidance (CIAG) to ensure they are familiar with and confident in the automotive industry’s offer to young people. We want you to collaborate with the IMI to utilise its free promotional material produced to promote the automotive sector as an attractive and exciting career option.


We will work with governments to ensure that the skills development solutions we provide and promote meet the policy requirements of the four nations across the UK. We want you to work together with the IMI to ensure that our initiatives align with policy and strategy directions and support those initiatives as the solutions of choice for the automotive industry.

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IMI have identified 4 core areas of focus for the industry in the Campaigns for Change strategy document. Download a copy to find out more about these strands.

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