Ensure the industry has effective and forward-thinking management and leadership

Skilled managers and leaders contribute to improved efficiency, productivity and profitability. With the challenges the industry is facing, we need progressive managers and leaders. In the automotive industry there is a widely acknowledged management and leadership skills deficit.

Many people in management and leadership positions have worked their way up through the industry and have received little or no management or leadership training. Yet these managers and leaders will face increased regulations around vehicle emissions, disruptive competitors and demanding customers leading to higher demand for skills. The volatility in the market adds to the pressure on our managers and leaders.

What do we know?

We know from research we have carried out that IMI accredited management and leadership training can lead to a Return on Investment (ROI) of up to 200%. With managers and leaders that have received coaching and training, the next generation will be adaptable, open to new ideas and different ways of leading and managing.

For those with aspirations to manage and lead we will provide a flexible programme that develops the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to move in to a management or senior leadership position.

How we will create change:

Managers and Leaders

For those managers and leaders with Professional Recognition we will make available a range of continuous professional development (CPD) solutions that enable them to keep their competences up-to-date and relevant to the ever-changing automotive landscape.

For every manager and leader, we will develop a range of skills development solutions that will help them to develop knowledge, skills and competence that will enable them to be progressive and forward-thinking.

We want you to sign up to the ‘Management and Leadership Pledge’ and to work towards Professional Recognition, completing 30 hours a year of ‘role-relevant’ CPD.


For employers, we will provide solutions for your managers and leaders and support and guidance on how trained managers and leaders can benefit their businesses by increasing the efficiency and productivity of their teams and overall profitability of their businesses. We will also show you how to measure the impact upskilled and trained managers and leaders can have in the business through applied ROI measurements.

We want you to explore with the IMI how management and leadership training could improve your business efficiency and productivity and then engage with management and leadership training initiatives developed and/or promoted by the IMI.

Education Providers

For education providers, we will provide information advice and guidance on how to access IMI management and leadership skills development solutions and how to deliver these effectively for employers, so they get value-for-money from the training they invest in.

We want you to work with the IMI to deliver Apprenticeships and IMI Accreditation products in management and leadership as a route to Professional Registration on the IMI Professional Register.

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IMI have identified 4 core areas of focus for the industry in the Campaigns for Change strategy document. Download a copy to find out more about these strands.

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