Attract, develop and retain our talent

With an ever-more technology-driven youth, the advancements and inclusion of more and more sophisticated technologies have the capacity to attract the best and brightest in to the industry. With the increasing use of cutting-edge technologies, the industry is potentially becoming much more appealing to an increasingly technology-focused generation of young people. More and more vehicles have sophisticated technology built in to them; and the change is happening across the board. What used to be the preserve of high-end marques is now becoming standard in the most popular family cars and small city run-arounds.

To attract these young people we need to do two things

Firstly, we need to promote the sector and all it has to offer young people with an attractive and exciting picture of the dynamic nature of the industry, the environmentally sustainable features and benefits, the ever-changing nature of the technology, and the constant opportunities to learn and grow in a modern, progressive sector.

Secondly, we need to ensure that this is matched by an equally exciting and attractive technical and vocational education and training offer that demonstrates a career pathway through continuous professional development (CPD); something young people are familiar with through the compulsory education system they pass through. This will contribute to retaining young talent within the automotive industry.

The UK automotive retail industry has over 12,200 Apprentice starts each year. The IMI is the major provider in this area with 67% of all Apprenticeships in the automotive retail sector, in addition to full and part-time vocational qualifications. But we need to do more.

For learners, we have launched IMI Student Membership. With an online portal members can discover life as a professional in the automotive sector. IMI Student Membership provides dedicated qualification support through online tools, gives students up-to-date technical information and gives career and job information. We can provide students with unparalleled access to information and content to make their transition to professionalism seamless.

How we will create change:


For employers, we will provide support and guidance on using available Apprenticeship funding to access high-quality Apprenticeship programmes that equip Apprentices with up-to-date, relevant skills and competences.

We want you to work with us to ensure those Apprenticeships are a priority when recruiting new staff and work towards having at least 7% of your workforce engaged in an Apprenticeship. Moving forward, we will ensure you receive the IMI Apprenticeship Update quarterly newsletter.

Education Providers

For education providers, as the UK skills system reforms become a reality, we will provide information, advice and guidance for parents and students with accurate career information on the benefits of working in the automotive sector.

We want you to help us promote the automotive sector as a dynamic and attractive career choice, using promotional materials provided by the IMI, at careers events, during parent/teacher consultations and on all occasions when giving careers advice to learners and their parents. We would like every Apprentice you sign up to be part of the IMI’s Student Membership scheme.


With governments, we will work to ensure that technical education is fit-for-purpose and meets the needs of employers by supporting the creation of workforce development solutions, such as Apprenticeships, qualifications and training programmes, and at the same time help governments across the four nations of the UK meet their policy aims and initiatives.

We want your support for initiatives we develop to make technical education in the automotive sector attractive and the programmes available fit-for-purpose.

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IMI have identified 4 core areas of focus for the industry in the Campaigns for Change strategy document. Download a copy to find out more about these strands.

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