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Existing Tester

IMI offer a variety of options for existing testers, including MOT annual training and assessment for classes 1 and 2 (Motorcycle) and classes 4 and 7 (Light Vehicle). These are all available to complete anywhere via our convenient eLearning platform.

Please Note: To maintain your tester status you must complete a minimum of 3 hours annual training AND the annual assessment by 31st March 2018. In addition, a record of your training and assessment certificate number must be sent through to DVSA before the 31st March 2018 deadline.


Training and Assessment

MOT annual training syllabus for class 1 and 2 vehicles (motorcycle).

  • Body and structure (including security)
  • Assessment of Tyres and Wheels
  • CPD planning and recording

MOT annual training syllabus for class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicles (cars and other vehicles):

  • Assessment of Tyres and Wheels
  • Corrosion Assessment (including assessment of brake pipes)
  • CPD planning and recording

Special Notice updates

August 2017

May 2017

If you are a Group B (class 4 and 7) tester and would like to test class 3 or 5, you will need to complete an additional training course and a demonstration test. Links to the additional training options are below. Once complete you will need to book a demo test direct with DVSA.

Class 3 - Additional Training

Class 5 - Additional Training

Try for Free

This eLearning course will enable you to PRACTISE for the full requirements of the annual training subjects as specified each year by DVSA. This course includes a practise annual assessment.

Becoming a Tester

Our MOT qualification offer consists of Tester courses in both Light Vehicle (classes 4 and 7) and Motorcycle (classes 1 and 2) and the Test Centre Management qualification. Current MOT testers are now required to undertake a minimum of 3 hours' annual training, to remain up-to-date with best practice methods. All testers must complete an MOT annual assessment, based on this DVSA specification, to maintain their professional status. We offer a package for MOT testers to complete both their MOT annual training and MOT annual assessment.

IMI MOT Qualification

Classes 1 and 2

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IMI MOT Qualification

Classes 4 and 7

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IMI MOT Qualification

Test Centre Management

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If you employ testers and want to buy multiple assessments, please call +44 (0)1992 519025 or e-mail: and we will be in touch.

Offer IMI MOT Training

Become an IMI Approved Training Centre

If you are not currently an IMI Approved Centre and are considering offering the new MOT qualifications, please visit our 'Become an IMI Approved Centre' page for details on how to apply.

Become a Centre

IMI Approved Centres

As an existing IMI Approved Centre, you can apply to offer the new MOT qualifications using a qualificaiton approval application form.

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(If you are an approved IMI Centre and wish to become a Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) site, please complete the online VTS application form.)

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Annual Training & Assessment Deadline

The tester will need to complete their annual training AND assessment before 1st June 2017.

Testers MUST record their annual assessment result on the MOT Testing Service (MTS). The DVSA will assume the assessment has not been completed and passed if it is not recorded. Please note: The tester MUST record their training and keep the record for 5 years. The DVSA have supplied a template which can be found on the website. The DVSA can take disciplinary action, which could affect their tester status, if they don’t keep training records.

You can find out more from - MOT tester annual training and assessments


If an MOT tester has not completed the annual training and assessment, their tester status will be changed from Qualified to Suspended.

If the non-compliance is detected before 1st June 2017

The tester status will be changed from Qualified to Suspended on the system until they have successfully completed the annual training and assessment and recorded it appropriatly. The 2016/17 Annual Assessment will be available until 31st May 2017.

If the non-compliance is detected after 1st June 2017

Tester will be suspended. To reinstate the tester will be required to complete and record the 2017-18 annual training and assessment AND complete a VT8 demonstration test.

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