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On-Board Diagnostics

Provided by Institute of the Motor Industry


On-Board Diagnostics or OBD, was the name given to the early emission control and engine-management systems introduced in cars. OBD systems have been developed and enhanced in line with US government requirements into the current OBD2 standard which applies to all cars sold in the US from 1996.  EOBD2 is the European equivalent of the American standard and applies to gasoline/petrol cars sold in Europe from 2001 (and diesel cars three years later). This course is about OBD monitors, scanners, and ECU fuel trim diagnostics.

Who is the course for?

Vehicle technicians who are just starting out in the industry or those who have been working for some time and want to consolidate their experience.

What will I get out of it?

You will be able to:

- Explain the history of the emissions control legislation.

- Understand fault codes and P Code composition.

- Describe on-board diagnostic monitors.

- Understand OBD scanners, diagnostic connectors and Controller Area Network (CAN).

- Understand smartphone and tablet applications.

- Explain long and short term trim values.

- Explain fuel trim diagnostics.


CPD Credit Value         5

Course Format             E-learning

Course Duration           4 hours



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