IMI Skills Competitions 2022

The search for the future of automotive excellence The IMI Skills Competitions is set out to identify the most talented young apprentices working in the automotive sector. Run annually, they are designed to raise standards, esteem and levels of expertise in technical skills across four streams of competition, Automotive Technology, Automotive Body Repair, Automotive Refinishing and Heavy Vehicle Technology The competition

IMI Skills Competitions 2022

The competition lines are now open, to register your students and apprentices, click on the link below REGISTER INTEREST #IMISkillsCompetitions

5 Steps to win Gold in #IMISkillsCompetitions

Step 1 - Get yourself nominated by your tutor or employer by following the link below. in Light Vehicle Technology, Heavy Vehicle Technology, Body Repair or Refinishing (dates to be confirmed).

Step 2 - Nominees will be emailed a link and password to complete a 30 minute online multiple choice quiz.

Step 3 - Top scorers will be invited to the practical National Qualifiers

Step 4 - Top scorers will be invited to attend a live final with 6x practical tasks in November.

Step 5 – Win GOLD!

Step 6 – move forward to World Skills International.

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Digital packs

Download the digital pack in your area with helpful support and information on the competencies required, and more details of the types of tasks you will be asked to complete at all levels



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IMI Skills Competition finalists that are age eligible may have the opportunity to be a selected for World Skills in Shanghai, China.

The WorldSkills Competition is our flagship event, held every two years and is the biggest vocational education and skills excellence event in the world that truly reflects global industry. The Competitors represent the best of their peers and are selected from skill competitions in WorldSkills Member countries and regions. They are all under the age of 23 years. They demonstrate technical abilities both individually and collectively to execute specific tasks for which they study and/or perform in their workplace.

One of the main legacies of the WorldSkills Competitions is to give visibility and importance to professional education, as one of the true tools of socioeconomic transformation.

The Competition also provides leaders in industry, government and education with the opportunity to exchange information and best practices regarding industry and professional education. New ideas and processes inspire school-aged youth to dedicate themselves to technical and technological careers and towards a better future.

Web: Visit WorldSkills

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Steve Nash, CEO at the IMI

The apprentices competing at The Skills Show highlight the extraordinary talent that has been created with the support of employers and training providers, along with the passion and enthusiasm of young people themselves. With careers advice in schools and colleges being of variable quality, The Skills Show is a great opportunity for young people and their parents to see the opportunities available within the vocational arena.

Michael Massey, Gold Medalist, Automotive Refinishing from Alton Cars

The finals were so well organised, which is a credit to the organisers. They made it so easy for us to know what was required and where we needed to be and when. The hotel, food, travel arrangements and uniform provided were second to none and I'm genuinely thankful for being given the chance to be a part of it.

Neilson Jones, Group Commercial Director at Alton Cars

We couldn't quite believe the scale of the whole event on Thursday and it is definitely something we would like to be more regularly involved with moving forwards. Mike is a huge asset to our business, and seeing the event first hand gives you a clear indication that there are many more young people out there who are focussed and driven to succeed.

Shawn Dyson, Gold Medalist, Automotive Body Repair from Chartwell Derby

I was ecstatic when I heard my name called out. I was so proud, my mentor was in tears. I enjoyed the competition very much. I felt supported and it was a great experience, a real challenge and it pushed me forward improving my knowledge and skills.

Chris Brightmore, CEO at Chartwell Derby

I wanted this for Shawn as he deserves it. His work ethic and attitude are fantastic. He is the next generation for us and we need talent like him in our business. I will encourage more of our apprentices to enter the contest next year because I want all our apprentices and juniors to become the very best they can and celebrate the skills they have learnt and appreciate how important they are.

World Skills UK 2018

Here's a look back at IMI - Skill Auto Competition at World Skills UK Live 2018

Sponsorship opportunities for the 2021 IMI Skill Auto competition are available. For more information, please contact:

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